Spotify app bannerIt sounds like music fans in Canada will soon have an additional outlet to stream Justin Bieber. According to the Wall Street Journal, Spotify is looking to expand its music-streaming service to the North American country, with an eye on moving into Asia and South America at some point as well.

Spotify's "annual account filing" allegedly outed the company's secretive plans. The move, according to the filing, is to "further consolidate its position as the world's largest music-streaming service," the WSJ wrote. Spotify didn't confirm the expansion, but a spokesperson did tell the WSJ that it "of course plans to launch in new countries." The Swedish-based service is currently available in 15 countries, including the U.S. and the U.K.; its most recent expansion was in Australia and New Zealand.

The service, which launched an iPad app in May, currently has over 30 million registered users, and it's safe to assume that number will only increase when it's available in Canada, hopefully later this year.

[via WSJ]