Spotify is a tad more convenient today thanks to a new update for iOS. You may already be seeing the new features in your app—I saw prompts this morning on my way to work—but in case you haven't, Spotify now has a Touch Preview option that allows users to quickly preview tracks without having to fully play them. Press and hold on a song and a short snippet will begin playing; drag your finger to a different song and that track will be previewed.

The subscription-based music streaming service made a handy video that sums Touch Preview up pretty well. And, really, it's not that difficult to execute. In addition, Spotify also included new gesture support, giving you the ability to add a song to your My Music section by simply swiping left; swipe right and it'll be added to your queue.

Not the most comprehensive update, but it makes the mobile experience more convenient and easier to use. Right now the update is only available to iOS users, but expect an update for Android to roll out in the coming days.