I was just writing an editorial about Spotify and Apple Music and, while researching the cost of Spotify's family plans, I noticed that the company's page is currently offline. It simply says: "We're making a few little improvements. We'll be back real soon, promise."

Earlier on Tuesday, we ran a report that quoted comments made by Spotify suggesting it is ready to address Apple Music's family plan pricing, which is cheaper and allows up to six people to share a $14.99 monthly subscription. At that price, just two Spotify users could share a subscription, and the price increased as more users were added, up to a max of five people.

We don't know when Spotify's page will come back online, but we suspect it's going to be soon, and we expect new pricing with it.

Update: The page is back online and the prices remain the same. Maybe it was just down for maintenance? Seems weird given the timing.