I have mixed feelings about the above below. On the one hand, what Google-owned Boston Dynamics has done is pretty remarkable. On the other, I’m a little freaked out at the possibilities. Imagine this thing charging you down the next time you casually go walking down the street. Its gait is a little unnatural, but it’s more life-like than anything I’ve seen in recent memory.

Known as “Spot,” the four-legged robot is a descendant of Boston Dynamics’s earlier WildCat prototype, which was shown off last year. Whereas WildCat was a hulking brute, a rhino, Spot is a graceful, pint-sized canine, capable of taking on stairs, hills, and more. Even kicking the thing can’t keep it from purposefully roaming the cold Boston streets.

Here is a description of Spot straight from Boston Dynamics.

Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain. Spot weighs about 160 lbs.

So about the same weight as an average male adult, but probably much more capable because it’s nearly impossible to knock down. And once it gets going, the thing is impressively swift. Us humans are doomed, I tell you. You won’t need to have an actual living, breathing dog in the future; all you need is Spot. Spot is good, Spot is great.

And just think about it. No having to clean up after him.