Your money means everything, so you should know where it’s coming from and where it’s going. Personal Capital allows you to manage your entire financial life in one secure dashboard. With its free analytics tools, you can plan for the future. That involves helping you understand your net worth, setting a budget, and planning for retirement. Starting is as simple as linking all of your external financial accounts to the platform. Personal Capital then takes the information and presents it in a transparent, comprehensive layout.

Seeing everything on Personal Capital’s award-winning dashboard puts you in control of your financial future.

Getting started on Personal Capital couldn’t be any easier. It’s free, and all you need to do is create an account. The tool will then guide you through linking all external financial accounts you would like to have analyzed.

The most popular financial institutions and account types can be linked, but you can also add assets like property and stock options into your dashboard. So it’s not just going to be your bank, credit, and investment accounts displayed. Personal Capital’s free dashboard is most useful when you aggregate all your financial accounts. Once you have linked the desired accounts, Personal Capital’s dashboard greets you with a holistic overview of your current financial standing. The typical affluent household has 15-20 financial accounts on average, so this can be a lifesaver.

You’re going to see some of the most important aspects of your financial life upon launching the dashboard (like net worth and and cash flow), and then you can choose an area to give a deeper look. Things like net worth, investable cash, budgeting, and retirement savings are immediately visible. A breakdown of your net worth is always shown at a glance, too.

Every dollar that moves between accounts is trackable on Personal Capital, meaning you no longer have to log into multiple sites or apps to see what’s going on. All activity becomes viewable in a single, secure location.

If you never knew your net worth, Personal Capital could change the way you think about your money. It looks at checking and savings accounts, investment and IRA accounts, credit cards, mortgages, and home equity loans to give a clean snapshot of your current status. Without even diving into analytics, you’re given an instant snapshot of your financial life.

Knowing your net worth should tell you what type of adjustments are needed to handle planned and unplanned events throughout life. You need to prepare yourself now in order to have a comfortable retirement later on.

You may have specific goals to achieve in the short-term and long-term, and Personal Capital can help along the way. The Investment Checkup Tool offers aid in investing and retirement planning. It’ll also take a look at the fees you’re currently paying and whether or not they may be hindering your net worth growth. Most financial institutions charge annual fees on mutual funds and other assets, which can add up over time, reducing your hard-earned savings if you don’t keep a close eye on them.

Of course, Personal Capital monitors your portfolio in addition to watching out for hidden fees. That same Investment Checkup tool analyzes your portfolio, provides potential quick improvements, and recommends a portfolio that may be able to maximize returns while minimizing risk. It can recommend various asset allocations based on your current holdings and goals, allowing you to see what type of strategy your financial life today calls for. Over time, Personal Capital’s Investment Checkup displays comparisons to the target and examines past performance.

Personal Capital also has a digital wealth management service that combines the dashboard with real human financial advisors. First, a registered financial advisor will discuss investing goals, risk tolerance, retirement, and life events with you. Then, a comprehensive assessment of your entire financial life will also be provided to you, so that you can identify retirement goals and an appropriate investment plan.

The licensed financial advisors at Personal Capital are there to make sure you receive a custom investing strategy, spot hidden fees, and facilitate tax optimization—three things you may need to grow your money in the years leading up to retirement. And, because Personal Capital abides by the fiduciary standard, you will only receive advice in your best interest.

Whether you’re well on your way to retirement or just starting to invest, Personal Capital is ready to help you understand your net worth. At its root, your net worth is simply what you have minus what you owe. But a deeper look at that is necessary to make decisions that impact your financial life. Personal Capital’s service uses technology and human insight to analyze today and plan for tomorrow. And we all need that—because life often sends the unexpected our way.

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This post was sponsored by Personal Capital.

*To qualify for 2 months free of management fees, you must fund an account with at least $250,000. Not available to existing Personal Capital clients.

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