Twitter Moments

Twitter confirmed on Friday what we already assumed was happening. The company is bringing advertisements to its new Moments features, which launched earlier this month with a focus on curating visually compelling stories.

"Promoted Moments will have all the features of a Moment you see right now," Twitter's head of revenue for North America told Bloomberg, "and instead of curators creating the moment, it'll be a brand."

The first ads will arrive in Twitter Moments this weekend and last for 24 hours. Each company can create their own stream of tweets, videos, GIFs and Vines to tell a story around a specific product or brand. The first sponsored posts will focus on the movie Creed, which hits theaters on Nov. 25.

Twitter plans to run one sponsored Moment every day, giving the posts a prominent space in the new tab. The company didn't say how much it plans to charge, though video ads typically go for a lot more than the text-based alternatives.

Overall, Twitter still seems to be figuring out how to best use Moments. The new service features a mix of news and entertainment, with some stories curated by media companies and others by the social network's own team. Sponsored posts probably won't make for a better user experience, but they'll definitely help bring in more money for Twitter.