Meet BabelOn. It’s the world’s first multidimensional voiceprint technology that’s capable of capturing, analyzing, and accurately synthesizing human speech in every way. With it, one day you will be able to communicate with anyone from anywhere in real time. BabelOn takes your voice and recreates it in any language right down to the tone, rhythm, emotion, and accent. So one day you’ll be able to video chat with people anywhere in the world without getting lost in translation.

Remember, it’s not what you say that’s most important. It’s how you say it. BabelOn makes sure the words you say are conveyed in the intended manner, better than any consumer-facing platform in the market today.

Your voice is just as unique as your fingerprint. It’s a personal signature of sorts, and you can’t replace it. BabelOn captures your voice, with all the elements that make up your speech, and synthesizes it into new languages. All of this is done while keeping your vocal identity intact with an unprecedented degree of accuracy and depth of data.

Musicians will be able to easily release their songs in multiple languages, and entertainment studios will shoot films or television shows in one language but distribute in many without the need for voiceovers. Gamers, meanwhile, could play as characters voiced by themselves or chat with others on titles like League of Legends without hesitation. Imagine being able to have your game character speaking in your voice in any language.

BabelOn’s real-time translation keeps communication instant and accurate.

Additional uses for BabelOn’s proprietary capture method and speech synthesis process include voice banks, virtual avatars, video game characters, speech assistance, medical devices, security, biometrics, language learning, robotics, machine learning, and speech synthesis.

The hardware component of BabelOn’s patented capture method was built at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LNNL), a world-renowned research and development facility aiding in the creation of many world changing innovations for the U.S. Department of Justice and other government agencies.

BabelOn has also recently been invited to continue development at NASA’s Ames Research Center under the mentorship of Dr. David E. Thompson, Chief Technical Advisor and Senior Scientist for Intelligent Systems at Ames. Joining Dr. Thompson on BabelOn’s Advisory board is digital media pioneer Scott Ross, co-founder of Digital Domain with James Cameron, as well as the father of dubbing, ex-Disney Exec Von Johnson, famed for establishing both Disney and Turner’s global dubbing infrastructure.

The technology and engineering genius behind BabelOn is led by long time partners, co-CTO’s Steven Wolff and William Moulton. Wolff developed speech recognition technology for NYSE and Black Hawk Helicopters and co-invented noise aperture tech exceeding the best DSP noise reduction. With 11 issued patents and 5 more in application, Wolff is a world expert in the areas of speech, microphones, sensors, and medical devices. Moulton specializes in total life-cycle systems design, disruptive technologies, pattern recognition problems, and improving human-computer interaction. Some of Moulton’s recent inventions include 3D cinema technology widely in use in theaters today, the first live two-way 3D video walls, and real-time CGI effects for satellite teleconferencing.

BabelOn invites you to help create the most complete method of speech and language synthesis ever. The team behind the ambitious technology partnered with TechnoBuffalo for an exclusive set a perks if you back the crowdfunding campaign. It’s your chance to assist in BabelOn’s path to a release and also meet Jon Rettinger, the founder and chief executive officer of TechnoBuffalo.

Here are the perks:

  • Help Us Defeat the Terminator ($7)
    • Upload your voice to BabelOn
  • Q&A w/ Jon Rettinger from TechnoBuffalo ($11)
    • Newsletter
    • Video chat with TechnoBuffalo CEO Jon Rettinger and BabelOn Co-founder Daisy Hamilton
  • Standard Voice Health Report ($99)
    • Custom voice analysis of a 30-second recording using six wellness categories and up to fifteen biomarkers
    • 3-month subscription to the Soniphi Vitality app
  • TechnoBuffalo JimmyPack ($66)
    • Fanny pack with built-in stereo speakers and Bluetooth connectivity; choose your style and color
  • Deluxe Voice Health Report ($150)
    • Custom voice analysis of a 30-second recording using ten wellness categories and more than fifty biomarkers
    • 1-year subscription to the Soniphi Vitality app
  • A Day w/ Jon Rettinger at TechnoBuffalo ($1,000)
    • Bring a guest to join Jon Rettinger and his team for a day at TechnoBuffalo’s headquarters in Irvine, California
  • BLIP: Immortalize Your Voice ($5,000)
    • Build your BabelOn Language Information Profile with BabelOn’s team in San Francisco
  • Synth Your Single: 1 Language ($50,000)
    • Have your single synthesized in one additional language
  • Synth Your Single: 3 Languages ($75,000)
    • Have your single synthesized in three additional languages
  • Synth Your Single: 7 Languages ($250,000)
    • Have your single synthesized in seven additional languages

If you’re interested in any of those perks, just header over to BabelOn’s listing on Indiegogo. That’s where you’ll find an overview of the technology, a rundown on who’s leading this project, and how you can get involved.

This post was sponsored by BabelOn.