Nickelodeon is embracing meme culture with a new line of collectible SpongeBob figures, which recreate some of the best moments from the show.

Although SpongeBob is targeted at younger audiences, many kids who watched the show are now adults. (The show officially began airing in 1999.) As a result, the show has become a popular target of meme culture. There's an entire subreddit dedicated to SpongeBob memes.

There are six figures in total, including Handsome Squidward, SpongeGar, Surprised Patrick, and sPOngeBoB, among others. Why send someone a meme when you can have one sitting on your desk or bookshelf?

SpongeBob entered the cultural zeitgeist of disillusioned millennials long ago. Now, with a handful of meme figures, the cackling yellow sponge can live on in new, unexpected ways.

The new SpongeBob toys are available on Amazon now.

Meme collection

Surprised Patrick

From 2004's The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, Surprised Patrick captures the moment when SpongeBob and Patrick are nearly eaten by a titanic monster in the depths of the ocean. Since becoming a meme, Surprised Patrick has been inserted into a number of iconic movie, cementing the moment as one of the best in SpongeBob history.

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