One of the best original games from Xbox Live Arcade is now available for free for all Xbox Live Gold Members. Consider this little gift just an extra "thank you" from Microsoft on top of all the other Games with Gold offerings this month.

'Splosion Man left its mark on the gaming community as one of the best indie games back when we first started calling them" indie." Microsoft set the game up as one of the premiere titles of the 2009 Xbox Live Summer of Arcade campaign, and along with Shadow Complex, it continued to improve the high standards for smaller titles set the year before by Braid and Castle Crashers.

However, unlike a good many other early indie titles, 'Splosion Man has somewhat drifted into obscurity. Whether it's because the game was unable to break free from the Xbox 360 or because other platformers quickly stepped in to take its place, 'Splosion Man never caught on for long term success. Its sequel Ms. 'Splosion Man turned up on Steam, but even now, not many talk about it.

Which is a shame because the game has a lot of character and creativity, especially in the music. I'm wondering how it holds up nowadays seeing how many excellent 2D platformers we've seen emerge from the indie scene since 2009. Hopefully, it holds up well enough to inspire another generation of fans to give it a spin.

Check out 'Sposion Man for free now if you are an Xbox Live Gold Member.