When you play Splinter Cell, would you rather move silently without a trace or pop into mission objectives with complete disregard for peace? Splinter Cell Blacklist, supposedly, makes it possible to embark upon each mission with any play style in mind.

The brand new trailer features nearly three minutes of gameplay for Blacklist, and the YouTube description susses out the Ghost, Panther and Assault styles as follows:

In Splinter Cell Blacklist you have the freedom to adjust your play style on the fly to fit any situation.

• Own the darkness as a GHOST
• Perfect the predatory skills of a PANTHER • Or accept the consequences of detection in ASSAULT

If Splinter Cell Blacklist is the genuine article for purists, I think this game will be just fine. Ubisoft will have to nail the Ghost play style perfectly in order to keep diehard fans happy, as we all know diehard fans are always the most vocal of the group.

I personally love going stealth, but the adaptability of the Panther class seems a tad more up my alley. That’s likely the route I’ll tend to take once Splinter Cell Blacklist drops.

The game is due out for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U on Aug. 20, 2013.

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