Splatoon - Clothing Shop

As revealed a bit during this month’s Nintendo Direct presentation, the world of the Wii U’s upcoming Splatoon involves a lot more than simply on-the-battlefield mechanics. This is a game that offers character outfit and equipment customization, something that’s slowly but surely becoming standard in multiplayer efforts.

Nintendo’s been updating the official Splatoon Tumblr a lot lately, and a few of their recent updates detail the store, its keeper, some of its equipment and perks.

At the head of this post, you’ll see the clothing ship. It’s run by an awesome looking jellyfish dude. His name, of course, is Jelonzo. Obviously. That fits with the nautical theme of the game. The shop carries all sorts of clothing. The clothing itself sometimes offers perks that will apply to battle.

Splatoon - Item Perks

Here we have a detailed look at a pair of shoes. The post from Tumblr reads as follows:

Each piece of gear comes with one perk, but can gain new ones the more it’s used. Each item also contains one top-class perk, just waiting to be unlocked! I guess practice really does make perfect!

Clothing will matter in Splatoon, so you’ll want to hunt down the best digs that complement your method of ink control and combat.

While Splatoon doesn’t have an exact release date yet, it’s currently slated for May 2015 worldwide. We’ll have more on the title as we get it.

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