For whatever reason, Nintendo of America uploaded Splatoon‘s brand new single player trailer in standard 30fps format. The Japanese arm of the company, however, tossed it up in 60fps. Good thing there’s no spoken word or writing in the trailer, so non-Japanese speakers will be able to enjoy this one just as much as natives.

That’s what we have here, then. Splatoon was announced at E3 as a multiplayer title. No indication was given officially regarding whether or not this paint swimming shooter would provide a single player campaign. During last night’s Nintendo Direct presentation, though, the company revealed that gamers will enjoy a solo affair within this title.

The trailer came with a few screenshots (which you’ll find below) and a blurb about the nature of the game’s single player mode.

The four-on-four online multiplayer shooter also features a single-player mode, which pits a player’s squid-like Inkling character against an army of octopi equipped with an arsenal of ink weaponry.

Here are those screenshots we promised.

Splatoon will release for the Wii U in the second quarter of 2015. We’ll have more on the game as it comes.