In Japan, the physical versions of Splatoon have been in exceptionally short supply since launch. I’m not just talking about the amiibo that go with the game, though those are tough to find as well. I’m talking about the game itself.

It seems the kid/squid/kid/squid shooter is doing better than retailers and Nintendo expected at launch. The game has sold out in most shops in Japan. That doesn’t necessarily mean, as Siliconera notes as well, that the game is an instant million seller. It just means it’s selling through retail shipments as stores didn’t order enough.

Nintendo of Japan talked about the shortages on Twitter, explaining that they’re going to up shipments and offered the digital version of the game as an alternative to buying physically.

Sure, you can buy digital, but then you’d be missing out on this sweet disc art!

You need that!

I’ve personally been unable to walk away from Splatoon for more than a day at a time. Now that the community is playing, I can’t get enough of the game. I’ve completed the campaign twice, collected all the Sunken Scrolls and am making my way through the ranks online.

If Nintendo supports the game constantly, I’ll be playing this for a long time.