Splatoon is set to ink up the Wii U world next month, and it’s easily Nintendo’s biggest game of spring 2015. As such, the company wants the game supremely hyped ahead of launch.

Enter a brand new Nintendo Direct presentation. Nintendo’s announced this one super early, too, and that sort of indicates the amount of content they’ll likely have on hand for the show.

The Splatoon focused Nintendo Direct will air on May 7 at 10am ET. We’ll be sure to have the livestream up and ready for your consumption roughly 20 minutes ahead of the start time.

What, exactly, does Nintendo have on tap? Here’s the exact wording used in the release we received this morning.

A Nintendo Direct focused on upcoming Wii U game Splatoon is coming directly to you from our expert team of scientists at the Squid Research Lab (http://splatoonus.tumblr.com/).

Yep, that’s the rub. We’ll have more on Splatoon as it comes. Until then, any offbeat predictions? Will Nintendo announce a Splatoon character for Smash DLC? Probably not yet, but that would be pretty sweet.