Splatoon Manga

Splatoon is hugely popular in Japan. Really. The kid/squid multiplayer title on the Wii U even ranks among the best games of the year according to Japanese game developers themselves.

At last count, the game has sold well over 1.2 million copies in Japan alone. Now? Now it’s getting its own manga. The series begins on February 29, 2016.

I never really truly got into manga. It wasn’t until I was actually in Japan that I bought a few books, and that was simply to practice reading and translation in my free time. The medium, in case you’re completely unaware, is hugely popular in its home country (and even around the world, in some circles).

Splatoon manga? Yeah, I’m officially curious. I’ll be paying attention as the first few issues are released. If it looks like it’s any good, it might be time to bust out my denshi jisho again.