We’re in the midst of reviewing Splatoon, and I thought I’d take some time to show off Inkopolis. Inkopolis is the hub space in Splatoon, and it’s where you go in order to navigate the game’s menus, buy new gear and interact with the community.

First of all, the image at the front of that gallery above is easily my favorite. There are two giant statues that loom over Inkopolis, and the Tanuki on the right is just about one of my favorite items in Japanese culture. Seeing it here is fantastic.

Finally, the last three images in the gallery don’t show up in the video. The first, seen directly below again for good measure, is the target range. When sorting your equipment or shopping for new guns, you can instantly hop into the target range behind Bukichi’s weapon shop and test your gear.

Splatoon - Inkopolis - 1

Next, we have a shot of what you see on the GamePad. You can walk around the hub in order to do just about everything, whether that’s shop, join matches, post to the MiiVerse, join the single player game or activate your amiibo. Or, you can tap the icon on the GamePad and instantly move to that menu.

Splatoon - Inkopolis - 10

And then there’s the news report. Every few hours in Splatoon, Callie and Marie (Get it? Calamari…) break in and introduce new maps. Currently, you can only play four maps at once over two games modes. Nintendo is going to add more maps, modes and weapons for free every few weeks.

Splatoon - Inkopolis - 12

What’s that? You want to see it in video form? Well, here you go. I was restricted to two minutes of Inkopolis footage, so I did a quick circle of the small city space.


We’ll have more Splatoon videos in the coming days, including a few online matches and a look at the single player component. We’ll also have a review for you before launch. Splatoon releases for the Wii U on May 29, 2015.