Alright, Inklings, Splatoon hasn’t even been out a full week yet, and Nintendo’s here dropping some free content updates. Tonight at 7pm PT, a free update will be available for Splatoon that will bring in a brand new map and weapon.

The map is Port Mackerel. You can see the fresh screenshots above. One of my chief complaints about Splatoon in an otherwise glowing review was its lack of maps. It launched last Friday with five. I noted then that the success of this game would depend on how quickly Nintendo supports it with more content. I don’t think I could have asked for a new map in four days. Don’t expect this pace to continue, mind you, but this should be a nice sample of what’s to come.

The free weapon added in this update is an NES themed Zapper. Nintendo describes it as a “nostalgia-packed N-Zap ’85 rapid-fire Shooter weapon.” Sounds good to me. Here are some screens and two bits of art for the gun.

Finally, Ranked Battle will open up tonight at 7pm PT as well. That means anyone above level 10 can hop into much more difficult matches that involve the Splat Zone gametype. That one plays like King of the Hill.

So, Wii U owners, digging Splatoon?