It’s time for another free map for Splatoon. Starting tonight at 7pm PT, Squid Kids will be able to dive into Moray Tower, a tall, opposing front style map for the ink-based shooter. This map was actually covered by the Nintendo Treehouse in a recent livestream. You can catch that at the 48 minute mark in the video above.

The word comes from Nintendo of America’s Twitter account.

Furthermore, we’ll have another Splat Fest contest to look forward to next week. The previous round pitched dog lovers against cat lovers. The dog team won, for whatever that’s worth. This time we have fans of Roller Coasters against Water Slides. What a time to be alive.

Sapltoon - Roller Coasters vs Water Slides

This event kicks off on July 17 at 9pm and will run for 24 hours. Come on, Roller Coasters all the way.