90s nostalgia is in full thrust throughout the American pop-culture sphere, and Nintendo is banking on it to sell a few copies of Splatoon on the Wii U. The two latest commercials feature an ear piecing shrill of a song sent straight from Hades that is sure to jump start a few of your repressed memories.

Sock ’em boppers! More fun than… a pillow fight! Shark Attack, Hungry Hungry Hippo… gulp… Mr. Bucket. Make it stop!

If the song wasn’t enough either, then the countless splatting, fart noises should be enough to remind you of any five minute segment of Nickelodeon. I mean, how much more obvious does Nintendo’s aesthetic have to be? Super Soakers filled with bright slime being splattered all over helpless children? Nickelodeon and the core of my childhood afternoons to a “T!”

“Splat the World,” the commercial claims? Yeah Nintendo, like I’ve never heard that one before. I only grew up with it!

But that’s a serious question of mine. I’ve been in Japan for over seven years now, where I suffer through even worse commercials. Is this commercial purely nostalgia, or have we genuinely come full circle to the kind of nonsense we found in the 90s? Either way, it’s a smart way for Nintendo to appeal to two totally different demographics, and it’s so strange to see a Japanese company perfectly replicate an American past time so accurately.

Wait a minute. No it’s notSplatoon will launch on May 29 for the Wii U.