All you have to do is fire up Splatoon and take a little stroll around Inkopolis to see that the game inspires a lot of art. Most of it involves Squidward from Spongebog Squarepants, but I digress.

The Wii U’s GamePad attracts artists. Splatoon, it appears, also attracts artists. Why not get them going in Nintendo’s Art Academy title on Miiverse with a Splatoon-themed contest. That’s exactly what Nintendo did, and these are the images that won accolades. The first one is Gold, the next two are Silver and the final three are bronze.

Sure, the winning piece of art looks fantastic. Personally, I like the three Bronze tier pieces the best. They’re a bit different, and I think that’s cool.

I wish I could draw like that. Man, how many times have I uttered that phrase in my life?

What do you think? Which of the six is your favorite? I’m going the one with the boat.