This past weekend, Nintendo hosted a Splatoon 2 Test Fire event for Nintendo Switch owners. The folks at Digital Foundry captured some footage from the event, ran some analysis and came up interesting results.

You’ll find the full video below, which you should watch, but Splatoon 2 is capped at 720p when docked and dynamic when played portably. That is, the resolution actually drops when the system is in handheld mode in order to accommodate for more demanding segments of play.

The good news comes from the frame rate

The good news about Splatoon 2, though, is that its frame rate actually holds up really well. The game maintains a solid 60fps whether docked or handheld, and that’s great news for an online shooter that aims to be competitive.

We suppose it’s worth mentioning that this is, in fact, not the final build of the game. Splatoon 2 is slated to release this summer, so it’s entirely possible that Nintendo does some optimization work in order to bring up the resolution.

If that happens, we’ll let you know.