The Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart were both huge for Nintendo in luring its old-school fanbase into buying the console. The kids, however, are looking for something a bit more modern to chew on. With no Pokémon coming out until 2018, Nintendo is depending on its other hip and new franchise to appeal to younger audiences.

(Don’t take this the wrong way either. Adults love the pure, unbridled fun of Splatoon as well.)

And boy has it already. Splatoon 2, which is a much larger hit in its home country of Japan than it is in the states, is already flying off the shelves after just a few days on the market. According to Nintendo, the game sold over 670,000 in just three days in Japan. Compare that to the first game, which only sold 156,610 over the same time frame, and you can see that the Switch is already thriving where the Wii U failed and buyers trust the established game as a franchise now.

Solid in the U.K., too

In the U.K., Splatoon 2 opened second on the sales charts, falling short of Crash Bandicoot, which is seeing ridiculous and unprecedented success. There’s no shame in coming just a bit shy of that phenomenon.

We’ll find out the North American sales figures sooner than later, most likely. Either way, Nintendo already has another exclusive hit on its hands.

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