Splatoon 2 will feature a Global Testfire event. It’s okay if you don’t know what that is, because Nintendo’s wrapping industry standard offerings in their own language here.

It’s a multiplayer beta with narrow windows. Here, at the front of this gallery of screenshots, are the Testfire dates and times in a single image. Thanks, Nintendo!

Now! You can get ahead of the curve and download the beta client on your Nintendo Switch before the event kicks off on March 24. It’s free, and it only requires 408MB of storage.

It’s on the Nintendo Switch’s eShop, and you should snap it up so your console is ready and waiting for the opportunity to play.

You’ll want this!

Having adored the original Splatoon for its unique hook and controls, I’m all over this one on the Switch. The full game is slated to release this summer, barring any delays, exclusively on the Switch.