Valkyrie Profile

Well, toss my Dragon Quest Mystery Dungeon theory out the window.

We have a bit more information on the upcoming Spike Chunsoft RPG teased recently. The company has teamed up with Star Ocean developer tri-Ace to make it, and the duo have launched a new teaser site for the RPG with a countdown clock ticking away at hints that will be dropped until the Famitsu announcement.

One such countdown cycle has already revealed some crucial information for old-school JRPG fans. tri-Ace President Masaki Norimoto has landed himself in the writing credits, and he has a long list of  RPGs under his belt, most noticeably tri-Ace's indisputable masterpiece, Valkyrie Profile. He also has Resonance of Fate to his name, which while sporting an amazing battle system, is just plain intolerable in its storytelling at times.

The new RPG will also sport an old-school "side view" style battle system, similar to the one found in classic Final Fantasy games. No dynamic camera angles, I guess.

Other names confirmed for the project are former Konami character artist Mino Taro of the Love Plus and Torimeki Memorial franchises, and Motoi Sakuraba, tri-Ace's longtime composer and the man behind the glorious music in all its games.

The mystery game will be revealed in a 14 page spread in Famitsu next week. Whatever it is, the two companies are banking on something huge! Stay tuned.