Victor Mateevitsi has built a suit that's so responsive users can "feel" nearby objects. In fact,  the "SpiderSense" suit is so sensitive it elicits a tingling sensation in its users, allowing them to navigate areas with their eyes closed. Can you imagine how that might improve the life of someone who is visually impaired?

"The suit is composed of small, robotic arms encased in microphone-equipped modules attached to one's body," Discovery explained. "The mics send out and receive ultrasonic reflections from objects within one's environment."

What that means is the suit can detect when a person or thing is nearby, putting pressure on "the corresponding body section from wherever the 'threat' is coming." Basically, it'll be impossible to sneak up on someone from behind if they're wearing Mateevitsi's creation.

What's crazy is how adept it is at detecting things that are in range. During a test, Mateevitsi suited up some subjects and equipped them with harmless objects to throw at a person, or "threat," they sensed was approaching. Mateevitsi said test subjects were 95 percent successful at detecting and hitting the approaching threats.

Every person who has ever wanted to live like Spider-Man may one day get the opportunity. It's unclear how close something needs to be for detection, but imagine how this might improve someone's life as the SpiderSense suit tech evolves.