One thing that’s been made very clear about Spider-Man’s upcoming involvement in the MCU is that the Web Slinger will be a young amateur struggling to balance his adolescence and newfound superpowers. To further imprint the fact that he’s just a young guy, a new report claims Spidey’s suit will be anything but super when the character is first introduced in Captain America: Civil War.

Heroic Hollywood reports Spider-Man will don two different costumes in Civil War; one will be homemade, something thrown together to help conceal his identity when he’s fighting crime. The other will be tailor made by Iron Man himself, a gift given to Peter Parker for an alliance formed between the two characters.

The suit Iron Man gives Spider-Man, however, won’t be the Iron Spider suit seen in the Civil War comics. Instead, it will more closely match the familiar blue and red color scheme that Spidey has worn since the beginning. It’s unclear if Marvel will put a small flourish to differentiate the costume slightly; I’d imagine there’s going to be something to ensure that audiences know this is a different Spider-Man.

If Iron Man does give Spider-Man a new suit toward the end of Civil War, we can probably expect that same suit to show up in the superhero’s planned solo movie, which is currently set for a July 28, 2017 release.

Disney is expected to tease some Captain America: Civil War footage at its D23 event this weekend, so maybe we’ll get our first glimpse then.