Not only is Marvel using next year’s Civil War to completely reboot the Spider-Man character, but the studio is apparently going to use the film as an opportunity to ditch the whole “organic” web shooter idea. In Sam Raimi’s trilogy, Spider-Man’s web-shooting abilities were a result of his mutation, something longtime fans of the superhero took issue with; Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man actually went back to the mechanical method—something Marvel is going to follow when the character shows up onscreen next year.

It sounds like a small detail, but it means a lot to fans. In the comics, Peter Parker actually creates a lot of different gadgets to complement his abilities, most notable of which are the mechanical web shooters. This mechanism gave him the ability to eject an advanced adhesive in a variety of configurations, similar to a real spider.

Latino-Review says it will be Stark who creates the web shooters for Spidey, something that might entice the character to take the side of Iron Man when the Avengers team divides. The Spider-Man being planned by Marvel will be a young teenager, so it makes sense that Stark would be a kind of father figure and help the web slinger harness and develop his powers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Stark is going to build that Iron Spider suit, which is what he did in the comics—at least not initially. Spider-Man will, however, don two different suits in the movie.

Filming for Captain America: Civil War has already wrapped up, so we should see a trailer fairly soon. I wouldn’t count on it including Spider-Man, but we’ll just have to wait and see.