The Marvel machine just keeps on ticking. A few days after filming for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wrapped, production for Spider-Man: Homecoming has kicked off. And—surprise, surprise—pictures from the set are already streaming in, including one directly from Spider-Man (Tom Holland) himself.

Holland’s portrayal of the more youthful web-slinger has gained universal acclaim from fans and critics, making his solo debut one of the more anticipated in the Marvel universe. Not much is revealed by the set pictures but it’s great to see everybody in character.

Previously, Homecoming was described as a John Hughes movie, with more emphasis on Peter’s teenage life and how he copes with his newfound abilities. Holland’s Spider-Man was infectiously enthusiastic and fun in Civil War, and, based on these photos, it sure looks like they’re attempting to define a specific personality for the character moving forward.

To see the photos for yourself, head on over to the source link below. Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out July 7, 2017.