Since appearing in 2008’s Iron Man, Tony Stark has built 46 different suits, including Mark I, the bulky, tank-like armor he used to escape the Ten Rings. Now, it looks like he’s ready to debut number 47.

As part of Hasbro’s Spider-Man: Homecoming line of toys, Iron Man will apparently wear new armor that looks a lot like the suit that shows up in the Ultimate comics, similar color scheme and everything. The most noticeable difference is the helmet, but otherwise they look pretty close.

The new armor looks awesome and reminds me a lot of what was worn in Iron Man 2, opting for a color scheme of red, gold, and grey. The suit also looks more stripped down compared to what he wore in Captain America: Civil War, with a slightly redesigned shielding over the chest reactor.

It’s unclear what other goodies (if any) the suit is hiding. Iron Man has a tendency to go through versions of armor like they’re going out of style.

Will he even wear this suit in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Just because there’s a toy of Iron Man wearing new armor doesn’t mean he’ll show up in the movie with the new design. In the trailer we saw for Homecoming, his armor looks quite different. Perhaps he’ll need an upgrade later in the film, hence the Ultimate armor.

Either way, it looks slick. You can check out every iteration of Iron Man’s armor, including what may appear in Homecoming, in the gallery above.