The PlayStation Store's annual "money back" deal is ready for the big summer spendings. The online store usually offers this in the months of June and October when it pushes out the biggest indie games and AAA games respectively, and this year's option of indie titles looks particularly strong.

If you manage to spend $100 on games from June 9 until June 20, Sony will in return straight up give you $15 in credit towards anything you want. The deal is only available on the North American PlayStation Store. Prizes don't stack either, so don't spend $200 looking to get $30 total dollars.

What do you want to tack on to your new collection?

And if you need help spending $15 on the PlayStation Store anymore, I'll point you towards a few sub $15 that I've had my eye on. Keroblaster and Momodora are both just $10 and have nothing but love from their dedicated fanbases. The Ys games are also just $15, and Ys: Oath in Fleghana is as good a place as any to start up your fandom of a new franchise.

Or you could just go ahead and buy Suikoden 2, simply put, the best game ever made!