Modder Joey4Tracks has left his mark on the world of Spelunky by re-skinning it to allow the galaxy's baddest bounty hunter to become a playable character. None other than Samus Aran can now dive into new depths that might even shock veterans used to the game's famous randomly generated levels.

The mod adds more than just a new character. It completely rebuilds the entire atmosphere. Cave walls have been changed to purple and other colors to match Super Metroid's color pallete, and the music brings back earlier tunes from the series. Samus' pirate foes now populate the caves as both enemies and shopkeepers, and arrow traps have been replaced by the Chozo statues.

Fear not, though! Metroids do make an appearance once the ice world pops up, so don't go thinking you're off the hook just yet. Luckily, they aren't half as hard to kill as in Metroid or Super Metroid.

The mod is still a work in progress, but keep an eye out for it if you are a fan of both Metroid and Spelunky.