This one's tool assisted, so bear in mind that the final product didn't just happen with an NES and a VCR. Because, seriously, who owns VCRs anymore?

The video was submitted to, the online destination for tool assisted speedruns. The submitter attempted to play through Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2 (the Japanese version), Super Mario Bros. 2 (the US version) and Super Mario Bros. 3. This gamer did them all at once, using a single input and a single screen.

Hear that? That was the sound of your brain bursting. We'll wait while you get a towel.

The submitter makes no qualms about using hacks and in-game glitches. But, anyone who's ever sat through a tool assisted speedrun knows full well that half the fun is watching the user take advantage of both popular and lesser known exploits.

You may be wondering why there seems to be a delay in jumps on each game. Understand that each Mario is built uniquely with varying mechanics. It's an impressive feat in and of itself that this gamer was able to compensate for the variety in control within four games at once.

Put simply: this is crazy.

[via Reddit]