James Bond is back, but it appears this time he may be against an enemy even he can’t handle.

The team behind the most successful James Bond film ever, Skyfall, have come together for the next entry in the long-running spy series. Spectre will see Bond (Daniel Craig) come face-to-face with the titular sinister organization.

For those unfamiliar with SPECTRE, it was a crime organization that Bond fought in several of the early stories. Then a copyright issue over who exactly created SPECTRE ensued for decades. The issue has finally been cleared up allowing Bond to once again take on his old foes. It somewhat felt like we were seeing this happen in Craig’s second outing as Bond, Quantum of Solace, but now there is no question that SPECTRE is back and ready to lead the British spy on a merry chase.

The big question has been is Christoph Waltz is playing the best known member of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The actor has denied he is Blofeld, and the credits list his character as Franz Oberhauser, but this wouldn’t be the first time a movie has misled us as to the true identity of a villain.

Spectre will open in the United Kingdom on Oct. 26, and around the world on Nov. 6.