Snap wants you to look stylish wearing its smart glasses. That’s why the Spectacles are getting two new styles that resemble traditional eyewear despite the technology inside.

The Veronica and Nico styles are a lot like traditional glasses. Both still have cameras housed in the corner of each lens; however, it comes across as subtle because of the black-colored construction. It might be difficult to pick up on the camera cutouts in certain lighting. Other models, meanwhile, are colorful and expose the cameras pretty easily.

In terms of software, the Spectacles here continue capturing photos and videos. The content can be taken in widescreen or circular format, but Snap would prefer to latter.

With the Spectacles’ latest makeover, Snap did add something unique. Lenses on the Veronica and Nico styles are polarized to block out the sun’s rays. Each unit comes with a semi-soft case, too.

If you’re into these styles, Snap already has them up for sale on its online store. But you’ll also find them sold by select U.S. department stores this fall. Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus have reached agreements with Snap to sell the Veronica- and Nico-based Spectacles.

As for the price, all retailers will have them set at $199.

Snap says the more traditional-looking Spectacles will ship in a few weeks. The original style, which costs $149, gets sent out as soon as possible. So keep that in mind when shopping for new Spectacles.

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