On Wednesday, Microsoft announced that a select few Xbox LIVE veterans, who have been subscribed to the service since its launch ten years ago, will receive a special edition Xbox 360 10th anniversary console absolutely free of charge. But if you’re a ten-year veteran living in the United Kingdom, you shouldn’t get your hopes up.

Microsoft U.K. has confirmed to VG24/7 that the promotion is specifically for gamers based in the United States, and that those in other countries — no matter how long they’ve been Xbox LIVE subscribers — do not qualify.

Pretty disappointing, right? The company promises, however, that Brits will be rewarded in other ways:

“The Special Edition Xbox Live Anniversary console is a US promotion, but we will be engaging our members in various ways worldwide as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Xbox Live. Stay tuned for more information.”

As soon as we know what the U.K. promotion will be, we’ll be sure to update you. We can’t think of many gifts better than a free, special edition Xbox 360, however, so Microsoft will have to come up with something pretty cool if it wants to please customers across the other side of the pond.

Are you disappointed the special edition Xbox 360 won’t go to British LIVE veterans?

[Via: VG24/7]