We were huge fans of Yager Development's 2012 sleeper title Spec Ops: The Line. For what it lacked in options and play modes, it more than made up for with a solid narrative that, unlike most games these days, actually stretched the boundaries of what video game storytelling is capable of.

When the game tanked, it left us a little hurt that nobody else was willing try this marvelous experience, but at least Yager was able to survive where most would have closed down. The team announced on its Twitter account that it would be at E3 next week with a brand new video game to show off.

A new IP published by Grey Box? The publisher is best known for making Unity Games on mobile phones, so it doesn't quite sound like Yager is quite rising to the ranks of the AAA market again. That's a shame given how well it turned the notions and themes of the modern warfare genre totally on its head.

Hopefully, this game will be a success and it will open the doors for Yager to get back into the big leagues. With the right funding and marketing, they could be one of our top game developers out there.