Another video game studio has bitten the dust. Lost Planet 3 developer Spark Unlimited has closed its doors, laid off its staff members, and shut down game development as confirmed by a source at Polygon.

Word first got out on the closure when the company’s assets popped up on a CMA auction, and the ever eagle-eyed NeoGAF noticed them.

Polygon’s source, Chief Technical Officer John Butrovich, claims that the studio’s free-to-play projects were all scrapped and all its other projects were put on hold, effectively shutting down the business. Co-founder Craig Allen resigned last year “to pursue other ventures and interests” as well as other members who “have decided to move on to other things.”

Butrovich hints that these new ventures will not be video games.

Spark Unlimited leaves behind a mixed legacy. Some had thought that it scored a major payday by landing outsourcing jobs with both the Ninja Gaiden and Lost Planet franchises, but neither Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z or Lost Planet 3 turned out to be financial or critical hits. Its own original shooter, Legendary, came out at a time when every C-tier developer was attempting to get in on the first-person shooter genre, and its mix of Greek mythology didn’t help it stand out.

The best Spark Unlimited can really claim is that it was the studio which first brought Call of Duty to consoles with the release of Call of Duty: Finest Hour. That has to stand for something! I mean, look how far that has come!

Best of luck to all of Spark Unlimited’s employees in finding new jobs.