Looking for a new email app for Android now that Inbox by Google is dead? Sure, there's quite a few like Newton Mail, Outlook and even Google's own Gmail app, but none are quite as good as this one. Today, after over a year of waiting, Spark mail has finally debuted for Android and it's glorious!

I've been a long-time Spark mail user on both iOS and Mac – it's actually one of the reasons I keep an iPhone as one of my two daily phones – and I've been using it on Android for the past few days. It has all the same features as the iOS app, including your central Spark email account that allows you to sync your signatures, email and app settings across multiple devices by signing in with the same account.

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One of the best features in Spark Mail is the Smart Inbox, which sets it apart from other apps. This splits your email into different types of email including personal emails, notifications and newsletters. This has been incredibly useful at helping me clear out hundreds of emails after I've been away from the office for a few days.

For teams, Spark also has a ton of benefits including the ability to create emails together with your co-workers, discuss an email with your colleagues using the comments feature and delegate specific tasks to members, all from within the apps.

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Readdle, the company behind Spark, state that they want the Android version of the app to be on par feature-wise with the iOS version. This means in the very near future, the Android app will also gain third party integrations – like being able to create a Todoist task for an email without leaving the app – support for calendar, quick replies, email templates, rich text formatting and email delegation.

If you're looking for a new email app, look no further than Spark, which you can download from the link below.

Spark Mail for Android