Is it kind of crazy that I — smartphone app-addicted, tablet-toting, laptop warrior princess — want this SpareOne “dumb phone”?

Maybe not considering that this (actually kind of cool-looking) SIM-ready device can hold a charge for an insane amount of time. With an Energizer Ultimate Lithium L91 battery, it can be waiting at the ready for up to a whopping 15 years. But the beauty of the SpareOne is that this special long-life battery isn’t necessarily required — it also works with a standard alkaline or NiMH AA battery (and stays charged up to the battery’s shelf life). That’s not a typo — it works off a SINGLE battery.

For all my gadgets, I regularly stow power cables, portable chargers and other paraphernalia, or else wind up with dead batts all the time. It’s even worse when a storm hits. Where I live in New England, they’re pretty frequent, as are power outages that leave me out of luck for charging my portables. But if I stash this puppy in my hallway table or glove compartment, I’ll never have to worry about a dead cell phone again. No fiddling with cables or power adapters, and no worry about a session of Angry Birds decimating that battery meter. In fact, with a stash of batts in the drawer, this handset might even outlast me.

The SpareOne should be available in March, at a retail price of just $50. If you’re interested in snagging a pretty sweet and affordable emergency phone, hit the source link for more info, or visit this page to sign up for the mailing list.

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