SpaceX recently tested a new system of parachutes for the Crew Dragon spacecraft that may eventually be used to carefully drift astronauts back down to Earth. The test was conducted in Arizona and completed “as part of its final development and certification work with NASA”s Commercial Crew Program,” NASA explained.

In a short clip of the test, we see a C-130 Hercules cargo plane drop a large weight that replicates the part of the Crew Dragon spacecraft that will eventually bring crew from space back into earth. Four parachutes were attached for the exercise, though NASA said that SpaceX eventually wants to create a module that can land itself after the mission. That would build on what SpaceX is already trying to do with its Falcon 9 rockets, which have had their fair share of crashes, though smaller tests for the Crew Dragon spacecraft appear to have been more successful so far.

Check out the clip of the Crew Dragon parachute simulation below.