Sometimes it's more about the journey than the actual destination. For SpaceX, what a journey it's been. On May 22 at 3:44 ET, after six years long years of trial and error, Elon Musk's private space transport company successfully sent its Falcon 9 rocket racing toward the heavens above, the first commercial flight ever to the ISS.

At this very moment, the Falcon 9 and Dragon capsule are floating in orbit with solar arrays deployed. If all goes according to plan, the craft will undergo a series of tests before finally docking with the ISS to offload supplies, such as food, disposables and nano cubes for small-scale experimentation.

The sky is no longer the limit for the private sector of space travel — we now have the undiscovered reaches of the universe in our sights. What a monumental scientific and engineering achievement by SpaceX.

[via Gizmag]