Dragon Capsule in Space

Dragon Capsule in Space

After what seemed like a successful

launch of the SpaceX Dragon Capsule

to the International Space Station, SpaceX product manager John Insprucker stated the “Dragon is experiencing trouble right now.”

Moments later, SpaceX’s Elon Musk tweeted that three of the four maneuvering rockets were being inhibited by the capsule’s on-board avionics, with plans to override the command inhibit. Apparently the solar arrays deploy only once at least two thruster pods are activated. The solar arrays bring power to the Dragon, while the capsule can operate 15 hours without the solar arrays, it would not be enough to carry out its mission to the ISS.

SpaceX flight controllers were able to force the second thrusters back on and the solar panels were deployed successfully soon after.

The Dragon capsule is now heading to the ISS for its two week long trip to resupply the station, returning back to earth with various equipment from the space station.