I’m here at New York Comic Con, and I can finally and safely assert that I’m so happy Ubisoft picked South Park: The Stick of Truth out of the rubble that was THQ’s bankruptcy. This game is going to be amazing.

We saw a pre-recorded gameplay video that ran about 10 minutes in length. It featured cutscenes, combat, exploration and, of course, poop jokes.

This is a turn-based RPG, at least what we’ve seen, and it packs an attack system that requires timing and strategy. You won’t just select the hammer attack, you’ll have to time a button press up with the on-screen swing in order to deal out a higher amount of damage. For those of you who have played any of the Mario RPGs, expect a similar system.

The world itself looks very much like a classic 2D adventure game. You’ll move about each environment’s space and solve puzzles or clash with enemies.

The look and sound, though, are what makes this game a pure slam dunk. It is South Park, plain and simple. The animation, the illustration, the audio, the jokes, the offensiveness and the quips are all consistently smart and in line with the show.

It was made completely obvious during the 10 minute slice of gameplay we were treated to that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are entirely involved with The Stick of Truth, and it’s because of that reason that I cannot flippin’ wait to own this game.

South Park: The Stick of Truth will drop for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on Dec 10, 2013. If you’re in New York and on your way to Comic Con, be sure to pre-order the game here. They’re giving out ridiculous Cartman figures.

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