We’ve now reached some sort of bizarro future where Activision Blizzard now dominates the political landscape of South Korea. I mean, seriously! Why does this country love this company so much?

One politician has already been spotted using StarCraft to ship out free user-generated maps containing his political ideology, and today, we have a story of another politician using Overwatch. I guess its a show that someone is more in touch with the modern world and not living in a nostalgic past?

Actually, her spin is quite clever in that her editors use “Play of the Game” style videos to highlight her takedowns of opposing politicians.

But seriously, South Korea. The stereotypes…

It’s been nigh on 20 twenty years since we started associating South Korean and Blizzard with one another, and the bonds have never seemed tighter. Way to live up to your image, South Korea. Now tell me, when is someone going to turn to Diablo III to toss their hat into the political ring.

I’d vote for that.