In a crowded market of music streaming services, SoundCloud has always been a bit of a misfit. The company has positioned itself primarily as a place for musicians to share their own music, but the site still grabs traffic from people just looking for a place to stream their favorite songs and find new ones. Today, SoundCloud is rolling out a new iPhone app designed to cater directly to those users with an emphasis on quick and easy listening.

Unlike SoundCloud’s previous app, which allowed you to record and post your own songs straight from your phone, this one is all about music streaming. Just like on its main site, you can follow your favorite artists and other users in a stream of recent posts. There’s also a separate tab for exploring the latest trending music as well as genre-focused streams.

Overall, the design looks simple and beautiful, and using the new app is easy and intuitive. Tap on a song you want to hear and you’ll transition to a full-screen window. Tap on the screen to pause, or swipe left and right to switch between tracks. You can also jump around within a single song by swiping at the waveform SoundCloud includes with every track.

In some ways the new SoundCloud app may takes its minimalist approach a bit too far. There’s no repeat button for when you want to listen to one song multiple times. It’s also missing comments and many of the other social aspects built into services like Spotify and Rdio. But SoundCloud delivers if you’re looking for a no frills listening.

You can download the free app for iOS by hitting the source link below. There’s no word on if or when an Android version will arrive, but we’ll keep an eye out for any news on that front.