Soul Saga Victory

One of our most highly anticipated Kickstarter games, Soul Saga, has just wrapped itself up at 325% of its initial request of $60,000. Mike Gale and his development team Disastercake pulled in $195,528 from 5,631 backers to put towards the classically inspired JRPG.

Despite all of its success, Soul Saga came up shy on three stretch goals. Acquired ones will expand the game by means of optional bosses, secret weapons and more playable characters. In an open letter to backers, Gale confirmed that he would still be adding the $200,000 goal "Garen's Saga," since he pulled in $2,000 from PayPal and was so close anyway.

"Garen's Saga" will add chapters which will tell the story from the main villain's point of view as well.

Gale also confirmed that he would no longer be making huge updates to his Kickstarter campaign to avoid spamming his backers, so updates on the game can be followed at the game's official website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. He will also continue his popular Let's Play channel, used to show off his inspirations alongside explaining his own game.

Soul Saga has been confirmed for release on PCs, Macs, and Linux. Successful stretch goals have also allowed it to be released on the Wii U, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. Estimated delivery for the game is July of 2014. If you were not a backer, still check it out to see what a treat we are all in for.

Congratulations to Mike Gale and Disastercake on their success. I can't wait to play your game.