Sony is starting a new program for the PlayStation Plus lineup. Fans will be able to vote on which games they’d like to see included from a pre-selected roster of three.

With the announcement of what they’re calling the “Vote to Play” feature, Sony’s announced three games to choose from. Voting will begin on August 13.  Here are the games in play.


Grow Home

Zombie Vikings

Of those three titles, the only one I’ve never heard of is Zombie Vikings. I played through Grow Home, and I absolutely adored my time with it. I had a chance to check out Armello alongside our own Eric Frederiksen at E3 this year, and came away super impressed.

Moral of the story? This won’t be an easy vote.

Whichever game wins will be a part of Septembers Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus members. The runners up, however, will get a special discount. That’s good, then.

So, what are you going to vote on?