PlayStation Network LogoSony's been working intensely to rebuild their PlayStation Network from the ground up since being attacked by a yet undetermined hacker (or, more likely, group of hackers) roughly two weeks ago. In that attack, Sony admitted that personal and confidential information about registered PlayStation Network users was compromised. Sony decided to take down the PSN and start the network from scratch with a stronger emphasis on security.

Some services within the PSN, including online play, were said to be coming back by the end of last week. The planned soft relaunch date has come and gone, and Sony's PSN is still entirely down. A Sony spokesperson has since said that the company is still working hard to roll out some portions of the online service, but that a hard launch date would not be announced.

However, Tokyo based Sony spokesman Shigenori Yoshida told Bloomberg, financial information publication, that the company is still aiming for a full network reboot by May 31st. Yoshida offered that Sony is still unsure of when, exactly, it could start some of its online services.

That gives Sony more than three weeks to finish erecting a network capable of providing online play, marketplaces and stability while operating under a shield of new and improved security. It's worth noting that Sony will likely continue to be seen as a target for hackers around the world. That may be pure conjecture, but it's undeniable that the company now has a large bullseye painted on their figurative backs.

One thing is for certain; Sony customers are losing out on a lot of online play potential. Not only has the PlayStation been dinged by absence of online play from titles like Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat, Sony is now entering another month of solid outings with multiplayer and DLC components. In fact, Brink, the heavily online team-based shooter launches tomorrow.

We'll have more on the PlayStation Network, Sony and the eventual goal of online multiplayer as it develops.

[via Bloomberg]