Combine the physical memory with the virtual memory in the PS Vita and you’ll notice that it actually delivers 128 MB more memory than the PlayStation 3. Of course, all of that memory is allocated to a completely different set of features, but the simple fact that the portable hardware from Sony delivers more memory than the strongest of the three home consoles is, we’ll go ahead and say it, bonkers.

Sony‘s President of Worldwide Studios, Shu Yoshida, spoke with Eurogamer during gamescom at length about the resources built into the PS Vita. He explained the necessity for the bigger allotment of RAM first.

“Part of the reason [for including 512MB of RAM] is more RAM means easier development for game developers…as important as that is to allow the PS Vita always to do more while the game is running in the background, or when you switch between the game and other applications or system software functionalities.

So the reason why we were able to include something like Party, which enables cross-game voice chat, is because we designed Vita so it always has enough resources to handle something like that behind the game while it’s running.”

The ability to run and quickly switch between features within the PS Vita, whether it’s from a game to a movie, is one of the reasons the portable looks so strong. Being able to multitask on a gaming device makes it more than just a gaming device. It’s also a media center, a web browser and a social media tool.

Eurogamer explains that there has been a rumor circulating around the net since May that indicated that Sony dropped the amount of RAM within the base, Wi-Fi only model of the PS Vita. The cheaper system would supposedly pack less memory. Yoshida dismissed that notion as preposterous.

“We’ve been making games, right, and we’ve been showing the games, like Uncharted, since January. If RAM gets cut in the middle of development, there’s no way we can complete the games. So I was like, what’s going on?

…I got lots of Tweets saying, Sony made a huge mistake by reducing the amount of RAM. We never talked about the amount of RAM and we never cut it.

…going into Gamescom we agreed there was no reason we should hide it, so we just added it to the specifications. We always had 512MB of main RAM and 128MB of V-RAM. Actually when you add them together, PS Vita has more RAM than PS3 [the PS3 has 256MB of XDR DRAM main memory and 256MB of GDDR3 video memory].”

Every bit of information that trickles out about the PS Vita, except for its 2012 release date outside of Japan, has me thrilled. Sony’s maintaining their focus on creating powerful machines to meet and excite the needs of core gamers. Honestly, I love that.

I had a chance to play a few games on the PS Vita during my Sony booth tour at E3. If you’ve been excited for the machine at all, stay that way.

[via Eurogamer]