Sony’s Project Morpheus will be moving on from here on out under the new moniker of PlayStation VR. The company took the opportunity to announce the name change at its pre-Tokyo Game Show 2015 press briefing.

Sony promised that the highly anticipated VR headset would be more available than ever before on the convention floor this year. It confirmed that several anticipated titles like Rigs: Mechanized Combat League and the creepy Summer Lesson would be available, but the biggest confirmation it made to the library is easily Final Fantasy XIV: Online.

I mean, a virtual reality version of the best Final Fantasy of the last decade? Gorgeous worlds, chocobo riding, enormous monsters!?! Excuse me while I fanboy out!

Sony Virtual Reality

Why the name change? We can only guess that Sony wants to consolidate its VT prospects under the same umbrella as its video game brand. Plus, PlayStation is easily the most profitable section at Sony these days, and the company wants as many products as possible attached to the brand.

Still no price point or release date for PlayStation VR, but I finally have a reason to legitimately check out VR. I mean… Final Fantasy! I can walk around in its universe! I hope Square Enix animates its character’s with a “barf” pose because I’m going to need it.